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Asus P4C800-E Deluxe and ATI 9700 Pro problem

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Asus P4C800-E Deluxe and ATI 9700 Pro problem solved

Hi all. I just got the P4C800-E (& 3gig 800fsb cpu)and I'm having a problem using my aTI All-in-wonder 9700 with this mainboard.
About 5 seconds into any 3D accelerated application the system will hang. I've also noticed the card is a lot hotter than it was when it was in my Abit Kr7a board.
I've changed from 8X agp to 4X but there's no change in the problem. Fast writes is off as well.
I updated the Asus bios to the latest one (1010.004) but still no solution.
I downloaded new Intel chipset drivers but the problem persists.
I'm using Catalyst drivers 3.6.
I've tried changing all kinds of settings in the bios but nothing so far has worked.
The PSU is an Enermax 450W.
Has anyone found a solution? Thank you.
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I got it working. I decided to try Catalyst 3.4 and the video card cooled down immediately. It now runs 3d accelerated apps with no problems. Just tried Catalyst 3.5 and they work too.
Something about 3.6 really messes things up.
Someone should make this post a sticky! With all the problems people are having with these boards it may come in handy for future trouble shooting.
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