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Asus M2N-Sli; CPU & Ram Bios Settings

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Hello all and I hope I provide enough information in this enquiry.

I have been struggling with a new build based around the M2N-Sli (green) mobo, Phenom 9850 black and 8GB of vdata stock ram.

Finally got the bugger to boot after specifying the ram was ddr800 and ganged in the bios (wont boot unganged).

My enquiry is this (because my last new build was over a decade ago and oh how has it all changed!):

Is there anywhere/site/software/anyone who produces a way to match the settings in the bios (Asus 0903) with the installed ram rather than testing every single option one at a time e.g. what voltage for ram, etc. What I guess
I am after is a really good bios guide specific to my motherboard and/or ram & cpu.

Possibly too much to ask but I want to ensure I have the best set up for the components I have and after a day on the net I am none the wiser.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

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