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Asus K8N4-E Deluxe How do you get the Internet???

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This is kind of weird. I've formatted my HD on my old computer hundreds of times and built a computer just this summer and was able to do everything.

Anyway, I just changed the motherboard and cannot see where the driver is for the Ethernet either on the Asus web site or on the driver CD that came with the motherboard. I only installed the Realtek sound driver for now because I read some poeple have problems when they update a certain driver or BIOS, can't remember.

Does anyone know which driver I need???
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@ forumposter32
Looks like you can get the K8N4-E DELUXE "nVidia DOS NDIS Ethernet and ODI driver V4.52" for Win98 SE from the ASUS site here . Let us know if that works for you.
LOL, I'm no longer using 98, I'm using XP Pro. (sorry about the confusion)

I did download that driver, unpacked the zip file and started reading. It's for friggin' DOS man! Ouch. Oh well, maybe it's integrated in the Nvidia chipset driver which I have not installed yet.

I have a little static coming from the speakers and then I went back to the desktop after playing a game and the screen changed to 16 bit color.

I can connect to the Internet right now through the USB with my cable modem. I guess I'll have to install more drivers etc to solve my problems. Sheesh. :4-dontkno
OK, that was solved. LOL, all I had to do was install the Nvidia chipset driver. I unzipped it and clicked on setup.
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