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Asus Crosshair 2 ram issues

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ok i am having this problem with my ram that i had just bought and reading all the forums i can see that my board is known for it to have trouble with ram.

well when i turn on comp and its all done loading it will give me a BSOD and then restart, i have read the forums and went into my bios and changed the DDR2 voltage to 2.1 and changed the timing to 5-4-4. I have also updated the bios and still i am having trouble. Is there anything i could do to fix this problem?:upset:

Windows 7 64bit--Windows XP 64bit
4gb (2x2) OCZ PC2 6400 800MHZ
AMD Phenom quadcore 2.2
160gb sata HDD
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Brand & Model of the Mobo?
What are the Error Codes on the BSOD?
Have you tested the new RAM with MemTest?
What was the reason for changing the RAM?
Did you have problems with your previous RAM?
I assume the new RAM was purchased as matched pair.
I do not knowthe error code but it said something about memory_management on the bsod. I dont think i could even get to the mem test without it crashing, i tred downloading adobe reader and it crashes so i can imagine it wont do a test. I bought the ram just for an upgrade i had 2x1gb sticks which was only the 300 mhz. And yes it came as a pair.

Also to note i did not know that know there was such thing as a QVL so when i did some research i found out the ram is not on the list what so ever. Is there still away around it? thank you for the help
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