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Asus A7V8X ?'s

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Hey all,

I just got this board, got it all put together went to fire it up.the comp turns on but the monitor stays in sleep mode. at first i thought it the video card crapped on me, so i put a new one in and samething????
what could it be the Mobo or could the processor be screwed as well ??

Thxs all
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Shut it down, Unplug it and try clearing the CMOS.

Do you get any beeps and are the fans coming on?
the fans come on when you start it up, dont hear no beeps
and i have taken the power plug out and put it back in same result.Could my Ram be causing this ? or the CPU ?maybe, i dunno just a thought

It would help if you could list your hardware................:D
Asus A7V8X
Amd Xp 2200
Gforce 4 Ti4400
Samsung Pc3200 512 Mb
Maxtor 40 gig Hdd
Sony 32x10x40x Cd-Rw
Is there one stick of DDR at 512 or are you using 2 sticks of 256?
well come to find out the Mobo and Cpu was fried :(
got replacements now and about to install the OS :)

I have the exact same problem...

I tried replacing the Ram and video card, but it still stays in sleep mode. If you say your Mobo was fried is there anyway i can make sure this is the case without taking it to a store to have to pay to get it checked out/confirmed?

512mb 3200
Ati Radeon 9700 All-In-Wonder
everything else is onboard sound and Ethernet
Samsung CDrw/DvD-rom
Maxtor 120 Gig HD
I think everything is fried

Hi there from Greece.I have a7v8x, athlon xp1800,512 ddr(333) etc.
I've been working with it for 6 months. Suddenly the same think occured to me. Sleep mode, no beeps. Tried the vga, memory and then an old cpu that I have (duron1000). At the begining it went on, so I assumed that my athlon xp was fried and so it is. The problem is that duron died too. So my a7v8x killed 2 cpus. I'm going to return it tomorrow morning and get something else.
Terrible stuff, I should have search the forum earlier,maybe I could have saved the poor duron...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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