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asus a7s8x-mx question

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Hi all, first post so be gentle.

My PC is as follows:

Asus A7S8X-MX board
AMD Sempron 2400+
512 DDR memory

I want to have a go at overclocking but the bios on my board won't allow adjustments to clock or memory speed, just adjustments to ratio. Is there anyway i can get the bios to allow these adjustments. The speeds are there and are both showing 166 but they are greyed out so they cannot be adjusted. Is there a way or have i bought a motherboard that just won't allow overclocking?

Thanks in advance
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More memory will do WAY more for you than overclocking will.

there are other techs in here that are more proficient than I at Over Clocking that will pop in to advise you.

good luck

I had a look at the manual for your board. There are no options for overclocking.

Your best bet is to snoop around the overclocking forums to educate yourself in what is involved. Maybe some smart guys on those forums have figured out a way to modify your board to run the clock faster. But be aware that even the experts fry components while modifying their hardware and general overclocking.

Getting more ram will help as linderman said. If you are sucking up lots of ram with heavy applications and starting to hit the swap file alot then it will help. Follow the manuals instructions carefully when buying more Ram, many boards are very specific as to what ram will work, most need the same exact speed, size and timing to work properly.
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