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Hello, I'm having problem with my new ASUS A7n8x motherboard that I've just installed. I'm running with a AMD 1800+ cPU and have tried two diffent types of memory: one 256mb 2100ddr stick (kbyte, i think) and one 512mb 2700ddr (kingston, i think). I just got a new 430watt power supply and a sweet new TT CPU fan. When I power up, all the lights come on, the drives get power, but I don't get any video. I've tried switching between my Radeon 9600 Pro AGP and my Geforce 2 Ti...still no video. But the bigger problem is that the computer shuts off after about five seconds and attempts to deliver the voice message: "System failure: memory...". I've tried both sticks of brand new memory in each of the three slots with no difference in performance. What could possibly be the problem here?

BTW, I saw in another post that it may be possible that when you mount your mboard, its possible to accidentally ground the motherboard out. How can one test the motherboard outside of the case? ...just hook up everything as normal on top of my kitchen counter? Thanks again!

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Welcome to the forums justinfl

Do this...............:D

Disconnect everything off of the motherboard except the CPU, Heatsink and Fan.

Take the motherboard out of the case and lay it on a phone book or something non conductive.

Hook up the following items only.

Hook up the wire that comes from the power button on the front of the case to the correct header, See manual.

Hook up the the power supply to the motherboard.

Insert one stick of ram.

Insert the video card all the way.

Hook up the monitor.

Hook up power to computer.

Turn on the monitor.

Turn on computer.

You should have video on the monitor.

While it's out of the case take a close look at the heatsink and fan to make sure the heatsink is contacting the CPU properly.

This sounds like a lot of work but it narrows down the devices to a few.

Try this and post back with the results, Relax and take your time.
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