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assigning puplic IP's

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hey guys:

so i'm sort of a networking newb, but i've been thrust into this position as our guy took off on us, leaving me to fill in the blanks. here's my deal:

we have a T1 connection, using a SIEMENS se 5940 router. Before now we had always used the default config, DHCP assigning 192.168 addresses, but we recently got a block of public IP's that i need to be able to assign to a number of hosts on our network. I'm just at a loss on how this happens, i've never had to do something like this before.

from what i've been able to gather on the web, i'm missing a piece of the puzzle it sounds like? when i have setup like this, i need something like a hardware firewall?

basically, what must i do to be able to assign these public addresses?
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I guess that in your router you have a web access that you can login and
define the router settings.
You need to set inside the router, in the NAT (Network Address Translation) section, set each public IP to it's host local IP.
That's about it
You can search from details here
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