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Aspire 1360 shutting down

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A friend of mine gave me his Acer Aspire 1360 because it would get stuck on the loadscreen from windows. I was supposed to fix this in a few minutes, but there is more to it then i thought.

I rebooted the pc in safe modus, same thing happens, it freezes.

Broken Battery?

Removed battery, tried again, same story.

Too hot?

Booted with a Knoppix CD, boots extremely fast and no freezes at all. eveything seems to work as it should. Worked the whole time without any freezes or shutdown.

Screwed up windows install?

tried rebooting from a (valid & working) windows XP cd, the first 3 times the PC shut down where i had to choose the file system (fat, ntfs), the last time it shut down at 10% formatted.

Any ideas on what is going on here would be very welcome!
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If you booted from the live Knoppix CD, then I think there is a good chance that the hard disk is failing. Download the utility from the hard disk manufacturer (most likley Hitachi) and run it to see if you have a faulty hard disk.
Another thing you could try is installing Knoppix, if that fails, then you can be pretty sure it is the hard disk.
Thank you for putting me in the right direction, the harddisk must have some bad sectors.

I couldn't get the utility to work upon booting, but im checking the drive with Hiren's bootdisk (HDD regenerator 1.51) now.
Mine does exactly the same. Tried a CD boot - needed to change boot order.... forgotten the BIOS p/w!

How do I reset this?



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