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Hi guys this is my first post!

Basically this is the best way to explain it:

I have a 5505 with a 5 ports used for a vlan.

7-4 are all switchport access to a vlan I created (working correctly)

port 0 is the internet.

What I'm trying to do is set up 2 VPNs between the vlan and the internet, for reasons why...way above my call and basically has to be done.

I've tried messing with the vpnclient command and set up through there, but to me it seems using that I can only create one VPN (I could be horrible wrong).

So Basically the way it will end up working is

(Small Vlan) > (VPN1) > (VPN2) > (Internet)

which gets routed to... I'll have to post about that one later lol

thank you for all the support I can receive on this.

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