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AS3 any info please

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Hello all,

need some advice and a push in the right direction.I want to learn action script to make flash games/applications just general creative behavior,and learn something cool and new.

i want to get started with action script, and bought a book called action script by derrick ypenburg

anyway i have a few questions:

1) i have never programmed (well only in basic on my c64 when i was like 16) are there many prerequisites to learning AS, i mean should i learn HTML / PHP first?

2) what is the best software to use to learn on? i was reading about flex...eclipse with AS3 plugin or should i just use flash cs3 / 4?

3) I guess i need to know Photoshop to make graphics etc? or is GIMP better?

any info appreciated...thanks in advance
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I'll answer your questions in the order you asked them.

1. Yes, you should learn basic HTML/PHP if your planning to understand how to embed projects to the web.

2. Not sure of any software, but here's a good link for tutorials: Here.

3. For graphics, you could use any graphic-design software. There's Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, and several other free ones. Any of them are great, just choose which one you think has the features you want to use.
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