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Hey, Ive got a 160 GB HDD with a lot of data on it, scavenged from a computer that died which I will need on another computer. Because I don't want to interfere with different OS's (one is 64 bit, other is 32 bit) I have decided to use another desktop PC.
I had another computer which I planned to simply swap HDD's with and the transfer could occur over a network, unfortunately the computer also blew up :(
SO now the only desktop PC that functions is this old and slow one that I am using now. I already am doubtful as to whether I can run vista on this machine (768 DDR1 RAM, 1.8 GHZ, Radeon 9550 256 MB) not only that but the HDD's are not connected by Sata, rather just a big cable block like thing.
However looking at the MB of the PC I have identified things that look like SATA ports, however I do not know too much about computers so am not sure whether I can use my old SATA HDD on it. here is a really dark Pic i took of my computer just then, it's very dark so it might be difficult to tell but here it is:

The sata ports are under the yellow cord that can be clearly seen.
There is a black one under the white one that is not visible!

It is very difficult to find info about such an old MB however my MB is:
ASUStek Computer INC
Salmon 1.04
If that means anything.
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