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aps 787c concern

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finally got around to installing prestige model aps787c into a 2005 chrysler
town and country. so far i've made the following connections:

18 pin connector
output black/whit to vehicle horn
output white for parking light at hdlt. switch
input gray/black hood pin switch
input green/orange tach. signal at ign. coil (-)
input brown/black shutdown at brake light switch
output white/black at siren
input black chassis ground

six pin connector
red + battery
red/white + battery
(both are connected at battery for constant 12 volt

the problem i am having is when i connect the 18 pin and six pin connectors into the module and reconnect the neg. battery terminal
both horn and siren go off. am i missing something or is there a module
concern? any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for your help
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That is normal, are you able to disarm the alarm when you connect the battery?
generally when I install alarms when making the connection the alarm will go off and I just unarm/unlock the vehicle to turn this feature off. I kept a sock in my shop when working with alarms and would stuff it in the siren to minimize the noise when testing.

Also, here is a link to your door lock system for reference: 2005 Town and Country
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