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april 26th virus Hit my computer help

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Hi, i m in deeeeep trouble plz help me. last month on 26th April i changed the date of my computer to 26March in order to avoid from Famous virus. but unfortunately on this 26th May my computer had previosus date (26th april) and finally virus Hit my computer. I m having Win98. now when i switch on my computer it gives me message
"disk boot failure"
and when i try to boot the system through floppy drive it displays the message
" C drive not having valid FAT or FAT32 system"
Plz help me how to recover my data . i have three partitions and all data is importnat. I want to restore all data. plz tell me any solution or is there any software there. i m having "Partition magic" some one told me that it can help , can it help me. if some other software there plz tell me to recover data. plz tell me all software and preferably freeware., thanks a lot for ur interest. :no:
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First of All...

I am not going to lecture you cause you seemed to have learned a valuble lesson....WE dont adjust dates to fix virus problems...and get a good back up program in place....

Now go out to the store and spend some money on a NAME Brand AV solution....Nortons....handeling virus damage is no time to try and save $50...the software disk should have rescue disk or you should be able to boot to the CD rom and scan the hard drive ...fix it dont put it off...
people, lets try to keep virus topics under virus sections, shall we ? thank you. :winkgrin:

now, how do you know you have a virus ? Like Doonz said, if you get a virus, you use anti-virus products to get rid of it...If you got a disk boot failure, you most likely have a boot sector infection (virus). But, it might not be a virus because there might be lot of other things causing this error, besides a virus...settings in CMOS might be wrong, for example. Are you able to get into CMOS ? if you can , check settings in there. Make sure they are correct....
Partition magic is mainly used for partitioning purposes and it might not help in this case...this also happens when you HD dies...Are you able to swap HD's and see if it will boot ?
I recommand AVG Anti Virus
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