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Hi, I need some help. Someting is really really wrong.

I went to the help on how to get rid of this thing called "spysheriff". Before I could follow through with the instructions completely, (I got to "download ewido security suite and update), I had to leave for father's day dinner. I left my computer on, and when I came back, it was still working alright, however, when I tried to "switch user", it would stay on the blue screen so i had to restart. I restarted, tried to go online, but IE would not work. I tried clicking on as many applications as I possibly could but none of them would work. I tried going to "My computer", but I couldn't get that to come up. In the end, I got so frustrated I tried to turn off my wouldn't turn off! I had to unplug everything.

Other pieces of information, before I went to the dinner, i found these files in my "My music" folder, and deleted a few of them. They appeared to be just pictures...I hope I didn't delete anything I wasn't suppose to when I enabled all hidden files to be seen.

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You OS seems to be corrupted after the infection. You may try a repair installation if the windows is fairly in a good shape. Repair installation might not be an option in set up. Fix if you can. Or else you can connect your HD as slave to a different computer ( make sure it has an antivirus on it. ) And try to get your data. If you dont have important information in your system just have a fresh install of windows.

**btw just curious : fathers day dinner ??? sept 4th ?
if you still have the original Windows XP installation disk, put it in the cd tray then go to start/run and type in cmd, click ok(brings you to dos prompt). Now type in sfc /scannow and hit enter. it checks to make sure all your OS files are original and intact.
Thanks, guys.

A few questions:

How do I "fix" it before I try a repair installation?
How do I go about with this repair installation?
If my Os files are not original and not intact, what should I do?

Sorry, I'm very computer unsavvy.

***On sunday, it ws father's day in Australia.
I still need help. Please can someone answer my questions?
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