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Hi, I restarted my pc yesterday and after that when trying to open windows live, firefox, chrome, itunes, steam and a couple of other programs I get the error message 'This application has failed to start because netcfdemm.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.'
The only browser working is internet explorer.

I googled the dll file but got no results and the same thing happened when I searched a dll file site.

I've reinstalled both windows live and firefox but the error persists.

I've also tried the dotnetfx cleanup tool recommended on the microsoft site but this hasn't worked either.
I've run a spybot, malware bytes and iobit scan with no result.

My computer's running windows XP. Any suggestions?

DDS: Ran it got a few dds.scr unable to locate component erros, then a few cyling cmd.exe and find.exe component errors. Program opens and I get more errors to press ok to. Comes up with the instructions, more errors.

Gmer: Ran it, got some errors. Program opened, uncheck boxes and start scan. Computer blue screens.
Startup, erros. Try again program opens and blue screens. Something like uknown error.

Have access to the windows install disc but would like to try other options first.

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Please try to run both tools from Safe Mode.

1) Restart your computer
2) After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.
3) Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear
4) Use the up arrow key to highlight Safe Mode and press Enter.
5) Login with your usual account.


If they still will not run, see if this next tool will run for you. Download rsit.exe and save it to your desktop.
  • Double click on RSIT.exe to run it.
  • Click Continue at the disclaimer screen.
  • Once it has finished, two logs will open. Please post the contents of both log.txt (<<will be maximized) and info.txt (<<will be minimized)
If you do not see the info.txt you can find it in the C:\rsit folder. Please attach that .txt
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