As I speculated in my previous article, copyright infringment wars continue on, and this time Apple is allegedly in the crosshairs of both Samsung and HTC following the release of their newest edition of mobile smartphone, the iPhone 5.

In 2009, the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard, or how its more widely known, 4G LTE, has brought about numerous patents containing the various designs of wireless communication used for mobile phones to the table, but it has never seen the light in Apple's device until the recent release of their new iPhone. This has prompted Samsung to imply that they would be suing Apple for patents they hold in conjunction with the LTE standard. Although originally one would think this is simply Samsung throwing a tantrum for their previous loss, they actually might have some lean in this matter.

Samsung has run an LTE network for quite some time, and they might have some pull if they were to pursue charges of patent infringment.
Similarly, HTC also indicated a possible law suit against the importing of iPhone on the grounds of patent violations, especially since an ITC judge, Judge Thomas Pender stated that they would have to overwhelmed with evidence to have any ruling against the patent infringement claim by HTC, which bodes well for the mobile device company.

Apple seems to have stepped onto a landmine here, and although they have the finacial backing for another lawsuit, their chances of winning might be slim as it stands now. We'll have to see what more horrors await Apple if the suit comes to life.