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I've asked this before, but this time to be a little more specific/to the point

I'm looking for something I transfer data from my phone to my PC (One time I had too many pictures and had to do this, but it ended up messy/they weren't the way I wanted them on my PC. I really didn't have a choice since the phone couldn't hold any more)

I don't just mean a program that backs up my phone and then can restore EVERYTHING later if I lose it. I want to be able to pick and choose what specific pictures/data to transfer back and forth to my PC and phone what text threads, I like how my phone's gallery lets me view pictures by when they were taken and this exactly what I want to do on my PC, not just have a folder with image files. Verizon cloud seems to do this, but I want it on my PC, not in the cloud.

Also, could a program like this save data from apps? Such as excel spreadsheets I make with my phone and I have a pedometer app which generates a new screen every time I use it for how far I walked/how fast, etc. If I wanted to keep those screens from it for my records, eventually all those screens would build up on my phone taking up disc space, which I don't want to happen. I know there are things that can let you MIRROR a phone to your computer, but what about something that lets you save a COPY of your phone on your PC, where I could say app a pedometer page I recorded from my phone to the copy/mirror of my phone on my PC?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts