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I recently installed a dvd-rom and have been noticing a lot of heat.

My discs come out hot after being in the drive for only a couple of secs.

can this ruin the data stored on the discs?
how bad is this for my pc?

I never had this prob w/ my cd-rom I took out.

I have the rom jumpered to cabel, which is what was said to do in HP pavilion upgrade doc.

I dont know why this is but in my Bios i have a primary master=maxtor(c)
no secondary master
primary slave = mitsumi writer(f)
secondary slave = dvd rom(e)

does this seem right?
and could this ,in your opinions, be contributating to the heat.

I also have another oddity, when i go into my computer it says there is a (D- drive) but i only have 2 slots. f for the writer an e for the rom, I never paid it too much mind cause everytyhig seemed to work right, till I put in the Aopen dvd-rom an it started feeling a little too warm?

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Depending on where the CD drive is mounted, this could be perfectly normal. If it's all working, and the case fans are running properly, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

As far as a D: drive, your hard disk is probably partitioned into two logical drives, what do you see on D: when you open it in My Computer?
I dont see anything.
when i doubel click the d icon it say to insert a disk.
and when i go into properties it says 0 used space and 0 free space.
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