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Hi i am new to all this so please bear with me.
i very recently tried upgrading my modem from a bt voyager 100 to an addon arm8200 modem and router because it can use an ethernet connection. after 10hrs of trying and countless os reinstalls i gave up.
im a complete novice about this type of thing so havent got a clue ,even following the install manual didnt help, specially when it starts talking about gateway ip and all that.
my current internet service provider is aol:eek: yes i know, its true! and im looking to upgrade xp to vista. the reason i need the modem changed is because aol suck and 1) not making drivers for these out of date modems and 2) refuse to replace my current modem without seeing it as a good opputunity to rip me off even more money.
i have had the addon arm8200 installed before but the connection gets firwalled(not sure if that means its stuck behind the firewall or if it means its protected) either way i cant connect.
this is my first dealing with ethernet so i have no idea if im doing things right or not. i have tried ringing the addon team but are less then helpful and after cutting me off serveral times on the phone and long waiting times i gave up and thought i would ask you bunch of lovely people instead.

i have recently read somewhere that it is possible to use aol with an ethernet connection. its just a case of using the tcp/ip side of it , but again i couldnt get it to connect to anything and found myself looking at gateway ip input field and all the rest which to be honest did my head in:4-dontkno

if anyone has any clue to how this is meant to be done would love to hear from ya. thx:pray:
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