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Anyone can help me...

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my PC keep restarting.... sometimes it wont restart till the booting sometimes it restarts fast... it restarts randomly.... but when i remove my video card... its ok.. and not restarting anyone know some solution? or i just need another video card? my video card is still brand new... and still have a warranty...
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Post all hardware specs, including power supply wattage and brand.
Processor: Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz

Memory: DDR2 667 1GB

Power Supply: Giant ATX Power Supply - Model Giant - 500 pentium 4
115V - 10A 60Hz 230V - 5.5A 50Hz
+5v +12v -5v -12v +3.3v +5vsb
Output 500W max
Total output 280w

Motherboard: EMX-945GC-1333

Video Card: Geforce 9500GT (1gb)

here it is sir
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Try the GPU in another PC to be certain it's good or try another GPU in your PC.
The low quality PSU may not be able to supply the GPU with enough power.
My video card is working well a month ago
oooohhh.... then why is my video card worked the first time i tried it... it worked for 1 month... it only restarts this time...?
underpowered may work for a time,but the load degrades it overtime until what is available falls below what is required

if you have a friend that upgrades he may have one you can check with
ow.. ok... i guess that explains it... (i really didnt got that, but sounds like it *thumbs up*)

hahaha... you computer geniuses are really something... hahaha... thanks for the help guys... it really helped... : D
Use one of those 2 psu dai linked you
i really dont know if i could get that exact PSU.. but i just need this right? "550VX 550W"
Make sure it is 80+ certified and at least 40A on the 12v rail

Look for seasonic, corsair, coolermaster(real power pro series only), Thermaltake(tough power seires only)

Those psu brands have been tested and approved buy our staff for construction and reliability
"at least 40A on the 12v rail" i dont get this sir....
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