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Hi i am having a problem

System :
Gugabyte nforce 2 mb
3500+ chip
2 * 512Mb kingston
6600 gt
3 hard drives (1 200 gig sata , 1 80 gig sata , 1 200 gig ide)
500W power supply

Problem :
I came home sat down in front of my computer and it switched off by itself , i tried restarting it and the lights and fans all stutter and nothing else. I removed all hdd's and my dvd writer , get the same thing , removed the video card and get the same thing , tried the computer on another power point get the same problem , i then removes the power supply and tried it on an old p3 and the cpu fan doesnt stutter , i do not own another power supply powerfull enough for the computer. I think its the motherboard. I built the computer 9 months ago and have made no recent changes to it.


Thank you
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