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Any one tring for Cisco BEWARE!

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Just about everyone on here knows I'm a Cisco nut. I eat, sleep and drink cisco. Well for anyone working from home to get any of there cisco certs. you need to read this. This is an email I just got from Frank Pinma fellow CCIE and member of a Cisco club I'm a member of. The person we're talking about is [email protected]/certgirl21 I have also gotten these emails and almost fell for them. I have EDITED all of the bad words I could find so forgive me if I miss one or two.

I wish that other countries would start taking some action against
internet crime. It sucks that there is no repercussions for non-us
netizens action's. Every day my email and message groups are filled
with slyly conceived attempts to screwed me. "You are been selected to
received my inherit when I death, I required the giving of 200
dollars to saved my child is who dieing with cancer"

John/Certgirl is a scam artist posing as a CCIE who is trying to
recoup the expenses of his exam. Upon questioning he claims to be an
American citizen and denies that english is his second language.

1.) He's run a string of aliases, one after the other offering "test
materials" for certifications. He opens up a paypal account, and
runs his scam for a month, getting as many people as possible. When
people finally get Paypal to look into it they say he is a foreign
account and their is nothing they can do but shut it down.

2.) I own one of the books on his "list" and asked what was on page
432 of it with a separate alias. He would not answer.

3.) I asked him to let me call him (didn't have to be his home phone)
to verify that he did in fact live in the United states as he claimed
(thus assuring me that he would face repercussions if he stole the
money). He refused.

4.) He claims to a.) Passed his CCIE on the first try, and is making
over 6 figures, and yet a search on his last 2-3 aliases show him
pawning off "kits" for every certification under the sun. b.) His
posts make the fact that english is not his first language obvious,
but he denies it anyways.

So your telling me a person who passed their ccie on the first try
(something only 1-2 out of 10 people can do), that speaks english as
his native language says things like...

>These are the actual course
>materials, not second hand materials that you will receive.

>If you are a serious ccie candidates and is looking for study
>materials please send me an email.

>If you are interested you
>email me for payment and shipping arrangement.

>Hi pal,

>Everyone that purchased from me received their items. What message
>you get this info.? Do you have a paypal account? They will
>your purchases. I am a verified member with them.

--- * Hi pal??? Also this is a lie about paypal they will not
guarantee your purchase. In the next email I offered him 200 for the

>sell you the whole kit for $150 plus $15 shipping.

--- * So he's master bargaining is to counter offer 150 to my offer
of 200?? 15 dollars to ship 1-2 cds? That seems like an odd number.

>I had individuals paid me triple because when they got the
>package they realized I had save them thousands. One individual also
>sent me
>a box of fine cigars to show his gratitude.

---- * I love this guy ;p I should send him " a box of fine cigars"
to show my gratitude for the entertainment value of the bulls**t he

:angry2: Just thought I'd Share that for anyone intrested! :angry2:
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IMHO, anyone dumb enough to fall for this and also willing to cheat their way to certifications deserve whatever happens to them.
Very true. The email I got from him used the name of a tech school he was suppose to have went to. He was offering to sell them as study aids. Well needless to say he's taking alot of people for a ride.
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