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Any design junkies out there

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This is a little off topic, but I need to link to a site that has frames, buyt only if you go from the main site to the subdirectory... if you go straight to it they don't show up. I was wondering if there was anyway to do it without hosting the site myself... not very professional : (

This isn't actually for me.. it's a work thing : )
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I'm not sure I understand you. You want to like to page "A". When you go to the main website and click on the link for page "A" you want it in a frame correct? But if you type in say you don't want a frame?

I want to link to a page that has frames, but only if you access it from the main page. for example I want to link to When you click that link the frames don't show, but if you went to and clicked the link to get there it would.
sounds like you just need to create a different web page with the same stuff on it that does not have frames. Point the link to this web page so they click the link and it takes them to a non frame version of your page. Or the other way around, didnt really get the question either.

Okay, what I want to do is in the links section of the website for the company i work for ( this has to be a professional way of doing things) I want to links to a subdirectory of a website that only has frames if you enter from the main site, otherwise you can't navigate out, and just starting it in a new window doesn't work for the boss. I'm not sure if it's possible, so for now it's just linked to the main site, and the user can navigate from there.
Ok so if I am getting this you only want frames to show on a direct hit to your main page, = frames = no frames?

Is that right?
No, I want to link to a page that does that's over with now anyway... we made the poor defenseless user find the info they want for themselves ( it's all science nerdy stuff with weather...and is all over my head)
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