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Any descent antivirus for under 50 bucks. No intro offers please. I don't want norton or macafee, however you spell it. thanks
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Thanks for the reply. I did look at AV comparatives. I wondered about Kaspersky, I've never heard of that before? I was looking at AVs yesterday evening, saw some comments on Kaspersky, some good, some bad.

I downloaded AVG last night, because Norton cut me off. I may remove that and try microsoft. AVG said it was good for 30 days is all. thanks
should be a free option for AVG

Kaspersky is often pre-installed on PCs , cant remember the manufacturers who use that now

Dell - tend to use Mcafee
HP - Norton
Toshiba - I think use Kaspersky
When I downloaded avg, I did hit the free button. The message said 30 days only. When I went to uninstall avg, a message popped up and said I could use the free version. I just went ahead and uninstalled. Installed microsoft essentials.

I've used AVG in the past, never had any problems. Norton and mcafee both have gimmiks, I don't like that. Their introductory offer is a descent price and then the next year, they double it. Not only that, last years AV won't work anymore, they shut it down. Excuse my French, the hell with them.
This is what you want, I use it all the time kaspersky, 3 licence, 28 bucks, if you dont want this go for nod32

Either way both are excellent software, I dont like avg, I certainly dont like Microsoft Essentials, but then every one is dif
Thanks everybody, gives me something to think about. My head is swimming, so many possibilities.
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