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Anti-Rootkits - Any free ones available?

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I am currently re-installing computer security software for my computer that has been rebooted, I pretty much have everything except for one thing I had on my previous system, an anti-rootkit.

I remember AVG offered a free anti-rootkit a few months back, but I've heard it's no longer free. I also remember coming accross another free one from another brand, I'm just not sure where I found it as my bookmarks were also wiped, hehe.

So, I've come here today to ask if anyone can recommend a decent anti-rootkit, preferably free, I don't mind paying for one, but I would prefer one that's free, as long as it's up to a certain standard of quality.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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Thanks alot, found quite a few :)
You're welcome :grin:

Remember to be careful when using those advanced ARK tools like gmer, darkspy and icesword. They are very powerful.
Any suggestions for basic anti-rootkit purposes? I'm not too experienced with these in-depth scanners, such as 'Rootkit Unhooker' which showed a Windows XP process in it's results.

The avast ARK tool and blacklight are probably the the easiest to use and they are good in detection.
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