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Dear ITtoolbox Windows-Jobs Newsletter Subscriber,

After receiving feedback from the ITtoolbox community that favored the addition of more career services, ITtoolbox has launched Career discussion groups, dedicated to the mutual exchange of career-related information.

Career discussion groups connect you with IT professionals worldwide in order to share expertise and gain knowledge regarding specific career path opportunities. As a member, you can ask questions, provide answers and opinions, and discuss various career options in independent, experience-based forums.

Visit the links below to view each Career group's archived discussion and membership information. To join a particular group, visit the group's archive page, enter your e-mail address, and click on the "Join Now!" link.

For the discussion of Networking-related career choices.

For the discussion of project management-related career choices.

For the discussion of system administration-related career choices.

Please note that these groups are not for recruiting potential candidates, nor are they intended for job seekers to post resumes. Recommended discussion topics include:

+ The status of your industry and job market, and the effects on
career planning
+ Salary-related questions
+ Advice for obtaining a degree in your respective field Certifications,
+ training, and other coursework to help advance your
+ Exam study materials
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