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another problem with c-media ac'97 :/

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Hello everyone
I have a problem and it seems to be bad. I have an ASRock K7Upgrade 880 motherboard with built-in C-Media 9761 sound card. A few days ago I downloaded newer sound driver from the motherboard manufacturer's home page. After installing I have problem with sound - it works perfectly fine when palying mp3s (although there is some background noise :/) but when it comes to games the situation is quite different - from glitching sound to no souns at all in some games. I tried to uninstall the new driver and install the old one but it doesn't help. Installing directx 9.0c also doesn't help. There is no problem with hardware (no yellow marks in device manager) but when I start dxdiag it shows that my sound card is emulated :/ . I have no idea how to fix that and I'm running out of nerves. Could anyone help me?
Thx in advance
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It didn't work. I think it's not a problem with audio codecs, rather with my sound card driver and direct sound. But still, I don't know how to make these both work.
in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter
to check the system files are unaltered
I checked it three times to make sure, but it still didn't help. The problem is still unsolved.
ahh it seems the cd player or line in. Go to controle panel open sound speech and audio devices open sound and audio devices, in volume tab in device volume open advanced and mute the cd player and line in. what is your audio controller?
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