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Hi All,

oldish system boot problem

Athlon 1333
ati all in wonder 16 meg
256 PC133
20 gig

this system has been running well for over 12 months
problem now very difficult to get to boot
and while attempting to post makes a lot of noise
which is coming out of the pc speaker (new one on me)
virus check ,nothing found
tried removing all cards,drives, replaced the memory etc still very difficult to boot
cleared the cmos and it appears to boot quicker but
once I make any change in the bios like resetting the
I've also reinstalled the bios with no effect
clock speed to 1333, the restart then fails
the noise from the speaker is like white noise & the odd beep
which is quite loud
The funny thing is when it does boot it runs fine
all help appreciated

Welcome to the forums webbtronics...........:D

How manys watts is the power supply and how old is it?

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Check the cpu fan. You might have a heat problem

Take a look at the CPU temp in the bios and see what it says.

What brand is the hard drive? You might want to run a diagnostic test on it using the drive manufacturers utility disk.
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