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Another Avant thread :)

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Any of you guys think Avant is good? I just started using it today when I saw you can d/l the Windows Updates from it. I will still take Firefox anyday, but Avant is nice. I noticed it doesn't have the ActiveX/COM issues like IE found through CCleaner (well I haven't really used it much yet), but.....

Also *just curious* can you uninstall IE if you use something like Avant or SlimBrowser?
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I haven't used Avant, but from what I've read it looks very good. You will need to keep IE as Avant uses it as its engine.
A couple of years ago, used to use Avant all the time... but the fact that it used IE really kind of turned me off. Plus, there really wasn't any reason to switch from IE to it in the first place- you don't really gain any features. I still choose FF over it any day.
Fox said:
I still choose FF over it any day.
Me too. If I could add any software to come preinstalled on Windows I'd choose Firefox.

I was just saying that Avant is nice :cool: (tabbed browsing, although the tabs quite suck *are we allowed to say that?*)
I used avant for a while "back in the day" (before firefox was called firefox)

now I've been a firefox guy for a while now. I'm considering switching to Opera, if I could get it to work, that is.
Hi I've used Avant for a long time now, and I like it. I still don't understand the charm of FF although I do use it occasionally. It's too big and blocky for me. Opera is used for testing websites in.. and that's it. I really can't think of much that's positive to say about it.


Hey DD, I have started to use Opera (now that it is totally free: version 8.5) and I like it. I just don't like how if you try to open up two Opera's, it will just open a new tab on the first one. Also I don't like how you have to add toolbars to have stuff like the home button and you have to configure the middle click button to open new tabs, but I like the speed of it. I also like that not many people use it (around 2 or 3 million I think).

EDIT: I also think Opera leaves less "junk" than Firefox. I'll use CCleaner after browsing, and it deletes stuff in the kilobytes. After browsing through Firefox, then using CCleaner, it'll remove in the megabytes.
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