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Annoying Tiny Lines On Monitor Screen

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I just bought a new Dell e773p Monitor and when I look at the screen it is showing EXTREMELY faint lines that resemble this all over the screen:

Now this is the only picture I could find that looks like what I am seeing on the screen but it's not nearly as bad as that, I'm only showing that picture to explain what the shape of the lines are like on the screen.

Each line can't be more than half a pixel wide but they cover the whole screen and although they are EXTREMELY tiny & hardly that noticeable, they are pretty annoying.

Is there a way to get rid of them?

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check your cable connections are secure
if the other monitor is fine i would suspect a fault with the monitor
i just had a samsung lcd tv i bought as a monitor faulty straight out of the carton
could not get a picture on screen from computer or tv
You sure you're not just noticing the grid effect that all LCD technology exhibits?

If you replace it I suggest either an LG or Samsung.
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