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Annoying problem

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Hey, ive got a really annoying problem. When i play games my CPU-usage sometimes goes up to 100% and i loose like 30 fps... And its like that for half a minute or so and then it runs really smooth again.
Got any solutions or tips?

1 gb ram
pentium4 2.80 ghz
radeon x1600 pro
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Welcome to TSF, weezzl.

Take a look at the "Common Game Issues" link in my signature. Ron through the steps there, and see if anything helps. Pay special attention to the "drivers", "DirectX", and "background tasks" parts.

Let us know if that helps.
Nope, tried those things and played for like 20 minutes and i thought i had fixed it... then it happened again, same old problem. Ive thought of reformatting, think that might help?
It affects every game i play and it only happens when i play games
normally i look at reformating as a last ditch effort.when this occurs is it loading a map sector,or new area.autosaves can cause this as well.has the computer always done this or has it just started.also you know what your temps are overheating could be a possible cause try this.
i dont see a temperaturechange when the problem starts. the problem occured a couple of weeks ago for the first time, when i think about it, it might have been when i installed my new graphicscard...
well what were the temp readings,and when you installed your new graphics card did you uninstall the old one first.
I know whats wrong now... Ive got a really small computer and all the parts are like just piled up inside, my graphicscard and my soundcard is placed really close to eachother. That means that the fan in the graphicscard blows the hot air right towards the soundcard and the hot air bounces back into the graphicscard and overheats it :p its kind of hard to explain...
I don't remember reading anything about a Laptop :4-dontkno .
What kind of cooling setup do you have in your computer at the moment.
Sometimes a simple clean-up, such as dust-removal, tidying up cables and making sure the fans are set up correctly (draw air in from bottom front of case and exhaust air through the top at the back of the case) will help drop the temps a bit, especially if you can get good air-flow passing over your CPU and GPU.

If all else fails you can get an after-market cooler for your CPU or another case fan to help draw the air through.
Well that explains it :laugh: .
At least you were close with the cooling units...:grin:
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