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Hey, so I've been dealing with this problem for quite a while now, but recently it started to really bother me because the BSOD occurs way more frequently than it used to. Before, it was somewhat predictable and I could live with it, but now it's gotten out of control. But to get the to point, I'm no IT geek, I've tried different things like Memory Diagnostic, WhoCrashed, keeping drivers up to date, different OS's etc., but I've only managed to reduce the frequency of the freezes and crashes. I don't know where to go from here to try and fix it for good.

I've downloaded some SDK dev tools, but I feel like I'm trying to read hieroglyphs here.
Anyway, here's the outcome of the Bugcheck Analysis I ran earlier today: bugcheck.txt

Also, I've just read some article on BSOD on your forum and attached the, but just for clearance memory.dmp might not be there cos I had moved it to desktop beforehand.


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