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Android malware uses old techniques, comes with new tricks

A sneaky Android piece of malware is disguising itself as a Microsoft Word document to trick users into opening it and triggering its malicious code.

The Android app is mimicking early Windows era malware, by using a common and well-known file icon to make users think it's safe to interact with.

As usual, the malware reaches phones when users install apps from unofficial sources.

If, by any chance, users are so foolish as to tap on a Word document that appears out of nowhere on their home screen, the malware makes them believe nothing has happened by showing an error message that reads, "Installation errors, this software is not compatible with the phone."

The malware steals the user's contact list and SMS messages

While this error popup is being displayed on the screen, the malware does its dirty work under the hood, by starting a few hidden Android OS services that would allow it to tap into various phone data repos, extract details, and control SMS and email functions.
Android Malware Hides as Microsoft Word File, Steals and Emails User Data to Attacker - Softpedia
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