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And so it begins

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And this is why you shouldnt buy HP....


Hey everyone

I have been having problems installing my ghetto video card on my ghetto machine, now dont make fun of me guys Ive been reading your posts and envy your gforce4's and the like. Anyhow, I am a simple man with a simple (yet upgraded to all hell) HP XE783 machine whos only origional part is its mothterboard. The problem?

I recently bought a Radeon7000 for it and have been having alot of very big problems, namely the computer will not boot, I disabled the onboard video card, I installed the most recent bios update yet the damn machine will not get past the system check before it decides it wants to hang for awile.I have gone throught everything I can think of, and was hoping you guys would have some new ideals for me to try.
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We think this is a video card because ...y:confused:

a no-boot can be a million things...does it boot with the old card ??

Exacty how far does it get befor it Freezes?

cna you hit f8 and select step by step booting so we can see where it is locking up

can you boot to an a promt using a win 98 boot disk...and run a checkdisk or scan disk??

what errors do you get??


p.s. welcome to the board
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Sorry for my lack of information in my previous post, heres the deal:

The Computer: HP XE783
The Card: (PCI)Radeon7000
The OS: Linux/XP
The Problem:

Works fine using any other card, once I install the Radeon for some reason you do not get any signal from any other cards also in, you have to use the radeon, it does this with it in alone, and on any PCI slot.
When you have the Radeon in, alone, with other video cards, with the onboad video card disabled/enabled, it will freeze right after the system check (You know where it checks your ram, and hd, cd drive, ect) it will display "System Configuration Data Updated" then hang, indefinatly.

I have tried:

Installing most recent bios update

Removing all other PCI/AGP devices

Moving the card to different PCI devices

Disabling the onboard video card

:angry2:Screaming at it for hours on end :angry2:

Nothing seems to be working any of you guys have any ideals? :confused:
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Man I thought the scream would of worked to:winking:

I recently heard of lower end boards giving off interfeance...I havent encountered it my self but my friend started telling me about it and the conditions were just like your..he said he saw it in Maxium PC (as learned on a pervious post) some of our other posters might of read it and can expand more on it!!

Silly question - what about calling, and waiting, on ATI Tech support?

I call ATI, They refer me to HP, I call HP, the product is out of warranty so they want 10.00 a min for tech support, I tell them to **** off, email both HP and ATI tech support,

HP replys with what should work (but doesn't)
¿ATI emails me an FAQ about installing drivers on XP?

I just emailed HP again telling them in a nice way that their method of fixing it is a total hunk of crap, tried to take the card back to the store, no return policy on opened hardware. The next best vid card I got is an ATI RAGE 3d Pro (ACK!) So Im really hurting to get this one running.

I thought the problem could be coming from my overclocked FSB but I underclocked it back and its still messed up.

I try every night to restrain myself from throwing the machine through a window...

Anyone here from ATI or better yet HP and want to give me tech support for say 0.00 a min??
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Im affraid I dont work for either one .... but, if you ever want me to guide a missle right into your computer though ... let me know. ;)
Hey here is a thought....tell them you installed the software and read the license agreement and DONT agree to it...and it says if you dont agree to bring it back to the store for a full refund??

Who knows it might work...
I've got to try that.
Could it be that the video card is 1.5v and you're trying to install it in a 3.3v AGP slot?
Its PCI, and the store stioll won't take it back
crap.. my bad I remember reading that posted above.. that sucks that they won't take it back :(
Hey Over 100 Views

Hey Over 100 Views do I get an award or somesuch, I would hope I would at least get my problem solved :)
technically they have too...Contact the company and see what they say...better yet put it in writting so you have a paper trail...

dying to know if it works...
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