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An Annoying Little Error-Message before Shut-Down...

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To keep it brief...

Sometimes..( doesn't happen every single time...) when I choose to Restart my PC, an error message will flash very quickly on my screen right before preparing to shut down. It appears very very briefly, and it is near impossible to actually read..

I THINK I read something about some .dll file..but im not too sure. Either way, its very annoying. The PC runs great far as I can tell. No spyware..No virus..and I keep it clean almost to the point of absurdity. :p

I recently installed XP Tools ..does --this-- have anything to do with it??

I'm hoping someone can give me a tip in the right direction.. below are my specs..

OS: Windows Professional SP2
CPU: Athlon 64 3400+ @ 2.2ghz
RAM: 1534 MB (PC2700)
Video: Radeon X550 w/ 256mb
Audio: Sound Blaster Audigy

If you need to know anything more..please..give a response. Thank you very much for your time.

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Go to event Viewer(RightClick MyComputer > Manage > EVent Viewer) and see what errors you are getting under Application Events...
Okay. I see a varitey of errors here...

What should I be looking for? Which type of error? Should I fix ALL of them?? (Wow..thats gonna be some time...)

*Confused* :4-dontkno
Double click on the error and it will tell you which program is giving you that error , what type of error nd with an event ID.
go to
and check those errors.....

Yup.. there shouldnt be any in the Event Viewer but dont worry until they annoy u...
Look for errors only coinciding with the time of shutdown. Before it.
Look under the System and AV tabs too.
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