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AMD PowerColor 6870 Crossfire, AC:Brotherhood screen flickering/stuttering

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When I'm playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood the game lags for half a second when I look around. This happens for some certain grade in other games, but not nearly as much as in Assassin's Creed. I had the same problem with ACII. It's fine when I'm not looking around. It's worst when I'm looking around when sitting on a tower.

It's a very annoying problem, because my framrates are very high. :mad:

I have a Corsair TX 750 Watt PSU.

Appreciate all help :pray:
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If you're using two GPU's,remove one and see how it goes.
PC Specs?
Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
I've done so several times, and the problem gets less noticable, but is still there.
I've also tried many different drivers.

Mobo: Formula IV, CPU: AMD X6 1090T, RAM: 6 Gb Dominator Ram. PowerColor 6870 CF.
I assume the 6GB of RAM is sX2? If so, try removing one of the sticks. Your Mobo is Dual Channel and 4GB is more than enough for any game.
If you have a 2 and 4GB stick try removing the 4GB stick.
I have three 2gb sticks. By removing one of them the problem becameless noticable, but it's still there.
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