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I don't have my computer smart hubby near, so far couldn't find any answers by searching, and so I am going to rely on help from any and all who can give me some needed information here.

We have a used computer with:
ASUS P5-99VM ma board
SisAGPset 530 w/support for 100MHz 3D VGA etc
AMD K6-2/450 processor
(partitioned 2 hard drives of 3G and 6G) very slow system-cannot load anti-virus software, just not enough memory, or whatever

We want to upgrade and make the switch to Knoppix Linux

"Requirements state that Intel compatible CPU (i486 or later)
32MB of RAM for text mode, at least 96 MB for graphics mode with KDE (at least 128 MB of RAM is recommended to use various office products
bootable CD-ROM drive, or a boot floppy and standard CD-ROM
standard SVGA-compatible graphics card,
serial or PS/2 standard mouse or IMPS/2-compatible USB-mouse"

I've ordered a 40G hardrive as well 128 memory, and an anti-static wrist strap, plus an add-on CPU fan and a 80m case fan to improve cooling conditions in case.

The question is that I don't know if my AMD K6 2/450 processor is i486 compatible or higher. And if it isn't, what size would work with my current motherboard that is i456 compatible?

Thank you in advance for your time and any help you can give


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when they say i486 or better, they aren't referring to speed.

your 450 is already faster, i will explain what the deal is.

first, we start with the 8086 and 8088 processors made by intel.

then, for some silly reason, the next one they made was an 80286. (fastest i know of was a 16mhz.)

followed by an 80386. (fastest i know of was the 33/66mhz, hello windows 3.1)

and followed by an 80486. (fastest one i know of, was the DX-4 100mhz. hello windows 95)

pentiums, (and your K6) are technically 80586 and better.

so your 450mhz processor is 4.5 times faster than any i486.

they just mean, your machine needs to have been built in the last 10 years.

i wanted to mention, i have that exact same motherboard and processor sitting here in my closet, was my linux router for a while, and once upon a time, it was what i was using to do everything.

with 256 megs ram, and 4 gig hard disk, and an 8 meg video card, it was able to run 98se, 2000, or xp without issues.

mandrake 10 linux with KDE worked fine as well.

when i had 128 megs ram, xp did sorta alright, but 2000 flopped on it's face.

so basically, if you move up to 128 megs ram, you should be fine for now with that board.

however, i am not 100% sure that your motherboard will accept such a new hard disk.

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Newbie treaded on unknown ground. But, you have to start somewhere...

Thanks WaltSide for the very informative help! I appreciate the time you took to explain to me.

Looks like I should have looked at larger meg ram size than a larger hard drive. I'm groping in the dark about this, as you can read.

It is kinda fun piecing together a computer using parts from manufacturers you pick, instead of buying one off the shelf. I just don't want to make it expensive, and the 40g hard drive is already on it's way.

Thanks again for the info. and yes, I printed it out to reread and keep in a file to add to our user's manual folder for the ASUS board. Hubby only printed part of it out for me-I'll have to get the rest of it that talks about hard ware installation, etc.


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