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My clients office needed a 5th PC for a temp to come in and work on. She said nothing crazy. I chose:

Dell, Touchscreen, A9, SSD, DDR4 2400, what more could I ask for?

So.... anyway a few weeks later I ended up getting spare parts and building a Core i3 8th Gen PC for them, as this one was so slow, it was unimaginable.

So I traded instead of payment for the Dell, figuring I'd love an extra all in one for no reason if not to just be a nice touchscreen media server.

But it's SOOO SLOW. What could be going on? I've taken PCs that were $100 on eBay, doubled the RAM, threw an SSD in there (a slow one in terms of SSDs) and had the old PC flying with a core i5-700 (not thousand) or something 10+ years old, and it was faster. This is so new, they still sell the machine. You can literally buy it from that link, but I don't understand what to do. What can I do? Is there a way to find out why I am experiencing these issues?

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That processor is known to be slow, but maybe this unit should have gone back under warranty.

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Totally agree. The A9-9425 is so slow it is embarrassing. For example:
Average Scores (left) - CPU (right)
3398 - AMD R9 5900X
1786 - Core i9-9900KS
892 - Core i7-10510U
446 - Intel i3-2130
223 - AMD A9-9425
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