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Amazing crash...?

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I have WinXP SP2 PC and 256 kbps broadband connection from dataone (associate of BSNL India). I use external ADSL modem to connect to the net which was provided by my ISP. One day suddenly my computer started to crash when I tried to login to the internet (The connection is not 'always on' type and it requires a user name and password to login each time I start my computer). After many affords to correct the problem, I succeeded to correct it by repairing the O/S from the recovery CD. Now I could connect to the net. I restarted the computer and again I could connect, but when I again restarted the computer, the problem was as before and the computer started to crash.
Then I noticed that it is a fixed pattern that after second restart after running the OS setup(only repair), system started to crash as soon as login to my account.
Since the problem started, I ran the setup several times and each time, it has the same pattern.
I turned off the automatic restart option after system crash and the error message and technical information on the blue screen are as follows...


Technical Information-

*** STOP:0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFCD,0x00000001,0x82327028,0x00000000)

Technical Information changes slightly in different restarts such as...

*** STOP:0x00000050 (0xEEAB0A70,0x00000001,0x8230802C,0x00000000)

When I connected my modem to another computer, it worked properly. Then I Installed (New Installation) the OS on one of my empty Hard disc partitions, It again worked properly. But when I boot my computer from old (original) partition, it behaved just like before.
I cann't understand at which level the fault lies and what may be the remedy. Please someone help me understand the mechanism of fault. I think that once I will format my hard disc, all the problems will be over but I want to know the nature of the problem.
I will be very thankful.
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Hi d bala

Depending on the nature of your "repair" reinstalls, you may be returning some of your system files to versions that don't work properly with some device drivers in your system (as these aren't necessarily replaced in a "repair" reinstall). Some video drivers, for example, require that certain Service Packs be already installed for them to work properly. It can be any of a number of different drivers, or sometimes software that installs a "service" (scanners, printers, & multifunctions are famous for this) -- so tracking the exact culprit can take time.

When you perform a "clean" parallel installation, you are providing drivers from scratch - and the file versions are likely compatible.

Here's a Microsoft Knowledge Base article with an example of a situation that can lead to errors such as you experienced ---

Another possiblity is rootkit infection, so scan for those. Here is an article describing the known-rootkits that cause the Stop error you experienced ---
And here are a few Rootkit scanners --- (pay close attention to the instructions, to avoid false-positives)
Microsoft/SysInternals Rootkit Revealer ---
F-Secure Blacklight --- (use the link "Try F-Secure BlackLight" at the bottom of that page -- the trial period has been extended to April 2007)
Best of luck
. . . Gary
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