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I'm a newbie here, and have an odd problem that I've never encountered before. This may take some time and effort to fix and, before I get started, I'd like to simply ask if this is the right forum to seek assistance.

I have a Dell laptop. While browsing the Web, I am sometimes getting redirected from the page I am trying to view to a new page. This is happening when I try to read my Yahoo email, for example. If I try to return to the page I was viewing, I am again immediately redirected right back out of it. The problem only happens on certain websites.

The page I am taken to says "Dell Search Page" at the top. So this might have something to do with this computer being a Dell? There is a message on the page that says:
Sorry, we couldn't find

Adyieldmanager sure smells like spyware....

Also on this redirect page are links to "related websites." That is how I found my way to this forum.

The address for the page I am hijacked to is:*

I do have some Dell software installed on this computer, including Dell Support and Dell Support Center 2.

My security software includes:
Spyware Blaster
Avast antivirus
the built-in Windows XP Firewall
AdAware 2007 - I ran a scan today
I'm using XP SP2 and have all the up-to-date security patches - I have not yet put in SP3
I'm using Internet Explorer version 6
the Google Toolbar is installed, and usually blocks popups for me
(I used to use Spyybot, but finally deleted it a few months ago when it started to interfere with Internet Explorer 6 and I couldn't find a fix.)

So, do I have a malware issue? Or is this more likely to be a Dell software issue? Anyone heard of this type of problem? I did read the sticky at the top of this forum about the 5 steps - I'll work my way through those if I am in the correct forum and if you guys feel that this may be a malware issue. Perhaps this is something specific to Adyieldmanager, and I should go directly after that? Or should I visit a different forum on this site?

Thanks in advance.
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