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Aluminum Case???

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Hey. I am returning a bunch of stuff for my PC, and so now I figure why not return my case for an aluminum one. But... What are the advantages to aluminum? I have a very small case now (MOBO barely fits) with a big case fan and a small hard drive cooler and a 400W power supply. Do you guys think I should invest in the aluminum?
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Not sure! Never known anyone that had one I guess. Try it and let us know.

Good luck,

Aluminum is lighter. Most aluminum cases are made by groups like Enermax or Coolermaster, and as a result, have better ventilation than most steel cases.

For your average home user, there isn't a point.
well aluminum is also better for cooling and dissipating heat I have the antec alum, full tower.
Aluminum cases are better for cooling.... and... erm... well they look really cool

Hey. Aluminum case is really nice. For cooling it is a plus. It really does pay just to pay a little more and get a good case. This has easy thumb screws and a stock out-take fan right above the processor. Every boy's dream come true!:D
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