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Allocating bandwidth?

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I have a business internet cable line. 15000/2000
I have a simple network, my server traffic is dragging my PC to a crawl. My vonage phone line is so bad today I cant even make calls. Is there a way to manage some bandwidth away from the server at all?, or is my only option to get dsl as well? I cant afford the OC12 that I have planned yet.

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Just to get a clearer picture:

* What role(s) does your server play, and what OS does it use? What is the make and model of its NIC(s)?
* What role does your two workstations play, what OS's do they use? Also, how much do they use the server? What is the make and model of their NICs?
* When you say "...manage some bandwidth away from the server...", I assume you mean it is using too much of your Internet bandwidth, and you want to force it to not use as much?
* What cables are you using?

By the way, keep in mind your upload is only 2mbps. Also, since you are using cable, it is only "up to" 2mbps - this number goes down depending on how many people are using the broadband cable in the area.
You can either get a router with QoS capability, or stick the Vonage adapter in front of the primary router.

I used to run with my VoIP box in front of the router, but now I have a router with QoS, and it solved the issue with voice quality.
By the way, the jump from a 15/2 broadband cable connection to an OC-12 is monumentally huge. Do you need that fat of a pipe, or would something like T3 or OC-1 be sufficient?
Woops.. I labeled my router wrong. Its a linksys befsx41.
I checked online and am not sure if it has Qos.

My server is a webserver/file host... it eats up all it can get. It sells downloads. Large downloads. I know my skinny pipe isnt enough, but its a new business and I'm seeing if the business model works before I go bankrupt. Working on advertising currently. I have had it for only a week or so, but know I need to expand asap. The next speed up througth my ISP is OC12 Fiber. I think it was about 2000/mo- I'd call but I cant at the moment.
And it isn't cheap. Where can you go for other line services? Right now I'm at USA 74063.

my .100 is my workstation. I use for college work and mostly programming.. exc. I could live with a bit more speed on it. My other computer pretty much just works as a print server on my network, and backup fileserver for my network. All XP Pro

Putting the vonage box in front of the router seems the easiest. :grin: Would putting a switch in front of everything do the same too? I just dont want to change my address to my server.. too much tweaking I dont want to do.

My server is a compaq Proliant quad processor server/ with a Compaq NC3120 Fast Ethernet NIC/Server 2003 Enterprise/Apache2.2 / Cat5 all around
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You can't put a switch in front unless your ISP gives you multiple IP addresses. That's why I suggested putting the VoIP box in front.

Just curious, why not host the website on one of the many inexpensive hosting sites? For $10-15/mo, you could probably have MUCH better performance and eliminate the issue entirely.
No one will support my bandwidth needs.
I do have multiple IP's
No one will support my bandwidth needs.
Sorry, this does not compute! You have a 2mbit connection currently, and you're saying nobody will support your bandwidth requirements? Here's just one example, please tell me which of these parameters falls short. Try to remember we're comparing this to your 2mbit/sec link. There really are tons of hosting sites that charge peanuts for web hosts. There's no way I'd try to do this with that anemic connection.

DOT5 Web Host for $4.95/mo

# 200 GB of Hosting Space
# Host 6 Domains on 1 Account!
# 2000 GB of Transfer
# 5000 POP Email Accounts
# SSL, FTP, Stats
# CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP, MySQL
# Front Page Extensions
# Free Domain Forever*
# Free Site Builder
# 24/7 Phone Support
# Best Support in the Industry
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2000 GB of Transfer
I sustain a steady upload flow of 500-1500 100% of the time.
I already have a 2T bandwidth shared server. 2T wont cover it. I've already estimated currently at 3.8TB currently. I checked around. Al these site also ave limitations on processor usage, and have HUGE overages costs when talking on those figures. Sure I could Throttle, and hope they dont jerk the mat out from under me, but what fun is that.
Well, upgrading to more bandwidth on one of these sites would probably be cheaper than buying the high priced direct link. :smile:

I think you're trying to get something for nothing here. For the capacity you're looking for, you'll obviously have to pay a premium. I can't believe it'll be cheaper to have the really large pipe directly to your site, not to mention you have all the issues of backup and 24 hour monitoring and service.
Keep in mind the example above had you paying $5/month. $5!

You will need to do a bit of research in regards to what company to use, based on their record, reputation, and offer. If you really wanted to, you probably could get your own unit of space on a rack that's just for you, depending on what kind of package you are looking for.

But John's right, integrated into the monthly price is not having to wake up at 2am because something is misbehaving. I don't know about you, but that alone is worth the $5.
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