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So, my system has been running fine for over 5 months now and I have been loving windows 7. But I suddenly have a very strange problem, I shutdown my pc, went to do the shopping and when I turned it back on most of my profile settings have gone, such as:

- All of firefox settings wiped (cookies, bookmarks etc)
- All MSN settings
- Random Icons gone from desktop
- All the quickbar shortcuts now just show as white squares which don't lead anywhere
- Windows explorer sidebar shortcuts gone

Some stuff did remain, including:

- Wallpaper
- Wireless security passphrases
- User documents

I am an advanced computer user and usually solve most problems that arise from day to day, but I have never come across a problem such as this before.

Does anybody have any ideas at all as to what is wrong, how to solve it and what may have caused this?

System Specs:

- Windows 7 x64 Build:7100
- MB P55-GD80
- Intel Core i5 @3.6Ghz
- 5 Hard drives, 3 in RAID 0
- Radeon 4890 @ 970 & 1100
- X-Fi Fatality Champion series

If you require any info to help you diagnose the problem just let me know and I'll post it soon as.

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