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All Programs List(RESOLVED)

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I dragged Windows Explorer from my All Programs List to my lower taskbar to make a quick launch icon. That worked swell, but now it's not in my All Programs list anymore. I feel stupid to ask, but how do I get it back there so I can have it in both places? Thanks!
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Hi, When you drag anything it is moved from one folder to another. If you hold down the Control key while dragging a copy is made in the new location and the original is left where it was. Try dragging it back with Control down. You could also make a new shortcut in the old position. Right click the working Icon and click Properties. That's the info needed for a new Icon. Or browse for the info.

Good luck, Jim
ALL Programs

Thanks for replying. I tried to drag it back but as soon as I right click on the quick launch icon, the all programs list disappears. If I do it the properties way, do I just type "all programs' in the space where it says "start in"?
Sigh -it's this little stuff that gets me every time!!!
Right-Click and hold on the shortcut. Drag it to the START button and wait, the start menu will pop up.

Put the shortcut over the spot you want and release. A little menu will pop up, select copy.

Thanks, Chevy! Worked like a charm! Thanks to you all for your help!
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