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All Programs Disappeared

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So, I'm on Home Premium, and today everything was working just fine. After one reboot, nearly all the icons on my desktop were blank. As in, the individual icon pictures were just default. Every program I try to open all pops up with "Such and such file has been moved or Deleted". The only thing I can get to work are Malwarebytes, Avira and Internet Explorer so far that I can find.

No viruses have been detected by either of the scans and I just have no idea what to do from here. All MP3 files are also useless due to every media player that I have now appearing missing including WMP, Winamp, ITunes and such.

I really have no idea what to do here. The last thing I'd want is to have to format the computer. I have one 4gig thumb drive to back up some things, but that's about all I have. If those files aren't corrupted as well. I have no way of opening them to see.

If you could help as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it.

I know I am probably not providing all the information that I can, but if you need any more, please let me know. I'll be monitoring this thread all day.

Edit: When running programs manually, I keep coming up with "Cannot run .ini or something to that effect if that helps.
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I knew I'd forget to mention that. However, I did run the system restore and both virus scans (which are fully updated) before I posted this. The restore just failed with many error messages when rebooting on startup. Both scans from Malwarebytes and Avira both came back clean on viruses.
I just ran the CHKDSK and it ran it's process, and I didn't really get any information. I'm not familiar with that tool. It ran, and then the window went away. I know that isn't much help.
Did the new user account and everything is still not working. And I'll try the chkdsk thing once more the way you described. Thank you both for helping me out. I really appreciate it.

Edit: Once again did the chkdsk the way you described and it did the same thing as before. The little DOS window popped up, it ran the scan, and then closed. I tried to pay attention for any information but after it ended it closed too fast for me to see anything.
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