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all games enexpectidly close

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this is my system:
Win xp 5.1 SP3
ATI radeon x1650 AGP 512mb
585w ATX12v PSU
AMD athlon 3200+ 2.2ghz CPU
1gb ram.
M-audio delta audiophile 192 soundcard.

ive tried searching but havnt come across anybody experiencing quite the same.

all games i play crash eventually. all games play just fine but after about 10 minutes of playing, it just closes back to the desktop. no freeze, no error message, just closes to the desktop. and when i run the game again it last only a few minutes before it does it again. until i reboot. then i get about 10 minutes in and its the same all over again.

tried newer and older graphics and sound drivers. installed latest dx, latest .net framework, updated bios.

this happens with doom3, quake III, quake 4, and COD4 which i just bought today. so it seems that any game i run this happens.

anybody got any ideas? :4-dontkno
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Hello and welcome to TSF

download SIW from my sig and open it, under hardware press on "Sensors"
check the temps when idle,
run COD 4 for the time it needs to shut down by itself, then recheck the temps
post the 2 state here (idle and under stress)

also try to get the latest updates for the SP3, some games just don't like Windows XP SP3
TMPIN0 102 F
TMPIN1 176 F

THRM 185 F

116 F

TMPIN0 102 F
TMPIN1 189 F

THRM 203 F

116 F
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please post the temps in C not F
also I need the Video Card (GPU) temps
i cant seem to find the GPU in the sensors.
Download Rivatuner and up the fan speed to 70% or more

I'm think your graphics card doesn't have sensor which is common is older graphics cards.

Try using GPU-Z 3.4 to see if you can see the temps there in the sensor tab
102F is 38.89°C, 176F is 80C, 185F is 85C, 189F is 87.22C, 203F is 95C, and 116F is 46.67C.
nope. the x1650 does not have a sensor apparently. but....

it is obviously an overheating issue i am having. i took the side of my case off and put my box fan next to my case. hasnt crashed 1 time. lol this is obviously not ideal. but it does keep the system cooler believe it or not.

i am going to see if i can up my fan speed with Rivatuner as you suggested Mc.
thx guys.
get a can of air and blow any dust out of the fans h/sinks and case
yea i need to do that as well..

this sucks tho. none of the programs recommended let me access any fan control.
or show me a sensor for GPU temp.

but i have seen screenshots of others with the same card usin fan control and even shown GPU temp in CCC. i guess im just SOL.
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