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aim problem

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ok i have been having an a.i.m problem where i cant type in im window

i type and press enter but nothing happens

i have no idea Why this happend..

some of the people on my buddy list dont get any of my replies or ims at all

This happend today and has never happend before

please help and thank you in advance
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I would uninstall aim and check for malware then reinstall it. Run clean up - adaware - spybot - ewido - and panda active scan ( some links provided below other downloads are available at ) and reinstall aim. If it is a corrupted aim or malware this should be your fix. ( if malware infection is major let us know )
lol... so wierd...

it fixed itself

it wasnt working the whole day and just fixed itself without me doing anything VERY wierd

Thx anyways
it happend again

i checked for all malware, Spyware, viruses its all clean but i keep having this problem where i cant msg some people

and its only a select few but the same people i couldnt message when this happend the first time..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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