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AGP problem ! Only reading at 2x

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My GeForce4 mx440-8x AGP video card is only reading at 2x AGP (according to 3Dmark2001) on my abit KD7 motherboard. I have the video card (detonator 44.03), BIOS, and Chipset (via 4in1 4.48) drivers all updated. and I don't know what to do next!!!
On 3dmark2001 I am getting scores of 4700 when I should be getting in the 8000's with my setup.


Because the KD7 motherboard is AGP 3.0 (8x) I do not have the option of "AGP data transfer rate" in my BIOS. I confirmed this in my motherboard manual. I guess it should configure it automatically, but the AGP is only at 2x, according to 3dmark2001 SE, and I beleve that because I am getting crappy scores on 3dmark2001 for my setup (see above on first post).
As for WCPUID, it says AGP 8x is enabled but it also says "This infomation is the chipset status. Video card and driver status may differ."

AMD Athlon XP 2400+
abit KD7 motherboard(8x AGP)
512mb ddr 2700
GeForce4 mx440-8x
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I am having the same exact problem, though my port is only 4X on an ASUS CUV4X-E motherboard. Have all the current video drivers, etc and ASUS and Chaintech are just giving me the runaround.

Any ideas?

i have a simila problem cept im using a soltek SL75DRV2 MB wich should handel 4x but my GF4 TI4200 4x Card only runs at 2x according to bios
harli18, i can only suggest that you try and set the cmos to enable 4x, and if that isnt going well for you, hang tight, there will be more answers coming i expect.

Lancer and Cheata, i suggest the two of you start your own threads and mention your hardware types, and the problems you are having, as when people hijack threads like this it makes things alot more confusing.

not that we dont want to help, but we want to be sure whom is saying what and to whom they are saying it, and problems like this arent always identical.

also, if anyone needs to read the community guidelines, please look here

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