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AGP or PCI Express

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I am looking into building a computer, and am I deciding between two motherboards, one AGP, and the other PCI Express.



I use my computer for video editing, I don't do any gaming. I had a good video card picked out for video capture, but it is AGP, and I am not seeing as good of cards for PCI video capturing wise. I am also not planning to build for about 2-3 months, do you think that there will be better PCI cards in terms of video capture by then, or will it be about the same market as today? I am just looking for your guys' opinion. Thanks.
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if you want to "future-proof" your computer, PCIe will be the way to go. AGP will in time become like the PCI and the PCI will become like the ISA cards. basically the new technology is rolling in. and the new "out-dated" technology i being rolled out, as new and faster hardware and peripherals come out. it is a bit more Xpensive, but you will get more life out of your board and PC now rather than buying an AGP board now then few years later buying a PCIe board, better to go now then later and be spending more money on the board and the peripherals and possibly a new case depending on the FormFactor of the MoBo.

hope this is helpful
It depends really on what type of work you're doing. Personally, I'd just go with AGP. If you're doing all digital then it doesn't matter. Get a board with built-in IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and use that. Any card with an S-Video or RCA out will do the task. I do recommend that you go with something like a Socket 939/940 board so you can move up to dual core in the future. Video editing will be much easier that way.
ooo dual core, yea liking the thought of that. lol. yea like he siad if you are workign mostly with digital imaging and editing bump up the RAM to atleast 1GB or 1.5GB RAM and any Fire Wire will do if your board is not equiped can get bit form local Wally World for 24 or so bucks for a 4 port IEEE 1394 controler.
Thanks for the reply. I think I will probably go with PCIe, and I can use my PCI TV Tuner card to capture all my analog video, and use fireware to take care of digital video. I am definitly plannning on going dual-core 4200+, 2 GB ram.
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